What Is AWS Consulting?

AWS Consulting is a technology consulting service that only AWS Consulting Partners are privileged to provision. To become a recognized AWS Consulting Partner, a consulting company must demonstrate expertise in designing, architecting, building, migrating, and managing a customer’s workloads and applications on AWS cloud.

Squadex is an AWS-certified Consulting Partner delivering a scope of AWS consulting services in specialized solution areas

AWS Competencies We Focus On

Cloud Migration Competency

Cloud Migration Competency

Migrate your apps and services to AWS Cloud to benefit from its flexibility, scalability, and security


DevOps Competency


Optimize your development and delivery pipelines using AWS Solutions to build apps faster and more efficiently


Big Data competency

Big DataCompetency

Utilize AWS Big Data Analytics tools to get insights from data and gain the edge over your competition


AWS Consulting

Machine Learning Competency

Add intelligence to your applications and services through Machine Learning capabilities of AWS


Why AWS Consulting

AWS is a cloud platform that provides technology-driven businesses with a variety of tools for data storage, computing, analytics, management, networking, migration, and more. AWS supports specific services for mobile devices and IoT, features capabilities for ML & Big Data processing, infrastructure security, and data protection.

AWS Core Benefits



  • No up-front investment

  • Pay per use

  • Pay as you go

  • Volume pricing discounts

  • Reserved Instance discounts

  • Services are priced independently

AWS Agility Elasticity

Agility & Elasticity

  • Deploy apps quickly using AWS tools

  • Scale up or down easily as the workload increases or decreases

  • Do not pay for infrastructure when scaling down

AWS Flexibility


  • Add services that are required

  • Move programming models, OS, DBs, and architectures to the cloud easily

  • Use existing elements of your infrastructure

AWS security


  • Global security infrastructure that meets the highest security criteria

  • Manage your area of responsibility by tuning the settings

  • Rely on AWS to maintain security of the cloud

AWS Consulting Partner

Squadex is AWS certified consulting partner

As an AWS Consulting Partner, Squadex focuses on Cloud Migration, DevOps, Big Data Analytics, and Machine Learning practices powered by AWS products. Our goal is to help businesses  overcome challenges and achieve their goals via adoption of cloud technologies.

Squadex is AWS certified consulting partner

AWS Certified Team

AWS Certified Team

How We Provide AWS Consulting Services


  • Initial interview (business objectives & goal setting)
  • Data collection & analysis to identify inefficiency areas
  • Specification of improvement opportunities


  • Development
  • Fine-tuning
  • Migration
  • Integration
  • Testing
  • Delivery of results, suggestions for improvement


  • Delivery of a how-to training session where your organization’s engineers and managers can learn how to manipulate the solution


  • In case any issues arise, we provide support services 24/7 to help your business achieve optimal operation performance

The Purpose of AWS Consulting

Opting in for AWS Consulting, you choose to empower your organization with a comprehensive set of capabilities provided by AWS, which features a variety of tools and services to deliver cutting-edge solutions in the cloud.

How Can Your Organization Benefit from AWS?

1 Reduce the cost of your business operation in the cloud

By trading capital expense for variable expense, AWS allows businesses to quickly and easily migrate their operations and capabilities to the cloud at an affordable cost. You pay as you go and only for the resources you use.

2 Improve your apps performance with AWS scaling capabilities

By moving your business operations to the AWS cloud, you benefit from its elastic and flexible scaling. Scale it up or down as your requirements change, and pay only for the amount that you actually use.

3 Secure business- and customer-sensitive data

By opting to migrate to the AWS cloud, your organization enjoys top-level security, with individual configs, security groups, SSl connections, DB snapshots, backups, and RD functionality.

4 Get instant access to your global resources

By selecting AWS cloud, your company gets an unlimited variety of platforms, tools, and technologies to supplement your application, with the ability to instantly access and manipulate each of its functional parts.

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