Unlock New Intelligence With AI

Most companies don’t use AI and advanced analytics techniques due to its complexity, lack of IT talent and adoption challenges, as well as understanding of the core value advanced analytics brings to your business. This can result in losing your competitive advantage.


Tools we Use

Explore a complete list of AWS products for AI solution here


  • Reviewed business goals and drivers for AI and Advanced Analytics
  • List of challenges and problems which can be addressed by AI
  • Tools evaluation including vertical and horizontal prototypes
  • Strategic roadmap for developing your AI solution
  • AI solution that corresponds to business goals and architecture drivers

Full Cycle Services


We’ll evaluate your current Big Data solution and define areas for implementing AI & Advanced Analytics


Based on the audit results we provide you with a roadmap for implementing AI & Advanced Analytics solution


We’ll deliver a solution or make performance improvements according to a roadmap


“How to” training session will guide your engineers and support team, helping them learn how to operate the solution

Typical Project

  1. Interview your team to clarify high-level business goals and drivers
  2. Review data sources and data quality
  3. Define problems & challenges where AI & Advanced Analytics can help
  4. Create a Proof of Concept

6. Evaluate architecture and technology mapping

7. Define project roadmap with milestones, timeframe and budget

8. Run infrastructure and deploy models, scale your AI solution

9. Transfer solutions to the engineering and support teams


Optimized data storage

Evaluated technology stack

Defined AI strategy & roadmap

Reduced queries and reporting execution time

Automated data ingestion process

Flexible AI solution ready to scale


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