Model N is the leading provider of Revenue Management solutions for the life sciences, technology, and manufacturing industries.

Model N was looking to optimize total cost of ownership while providing customers with the latest, more cost-efficient and reliable product versions.

Squadex revamped the technology and data platform, automated the product delivery pipeline, and migrated the entire IT infrastructure and enterprise applications to AWS cloud.

As a result of an implementation, Model N reduced the total cost of ownership by over 40%, improved release cycles, and minimized product downtime while keeping enterprise applications in a more reliable and secure cloud infrastructure.



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About Model N

Model N helps customers maximize revenues, drive growth and reduce compliance risk by transforming the revenue lifecycle from inefficient disjointed operations into a strategic end-to-end process.


Model N was struggling with the abundance of manual processes needed to maintain numerous and inconsistent product releases available to end users. Applications were running on a legacy on-premise platform, the IT operations technologies used were obsolete and inefficient, maintenance of infrastructure led to staffing overheads followed by ever-increasing hardware support bills – all these caused the total cost of ownership (TCO) to skyrocket.

The company arrived at a state where it was no longer able to focus on growth. Instead, it was obsessed with costly and time-consuming “firefighting” along with slow decision-making within the CI/CD pipeline that prevented new products from being delivered to customers in time.

Model N required immediate changes in order to take control over the cost of operations, stay relevant to their captive customers, and to keep up with the competition.


The goal was to reduce the cost of ownership, improve SLA, decrease provisioning time, and to set up efficient CI/CD pipeline. It was also expected that cost savings would allow Model N to review and optimize its pricing model towards the customers leading to increased customer loyalty, and will enable to win new customers out of the competition.

Squadex designed and implemented a new platform architecture using IaaS, PaaS and SaaS models provided by AWS. In order to provide enhanced security and unify the environment, AWS WorkSpaces was used.

The data storage solution is based on S3 and RDS. Amazon S3 was chosen as a cloud object storage solution due to its reliability and integration capabilities with other systems.

Amazon RDS was used as a scalable, fault-tolerant and manageable data storage with optimal latency and scaling options.

AWS Tags feature made management of environments transparent and reduced number of human errors and AWS CloudWatch brought additional value to the existing monitoring system (Zabbix). DNS was migrated to AWS Route 53 which allowed for the automation in creating, changing and deleting DNS records. Some customer-specific environments were moved closer to end-users to fit PII standard.

Some common cases were automated in order to make the core team focused on product development instead of fixing issues and performing scheduled activities. Those automation pipelines were called “robots”.

The offered phased approach was – transition customers to the cloud first and then automate operations in the cloud. Thus, the entire infrastructure and enterprise applications were gradually moved to AWS cloud. Automation layers were added to Development and Production processes. Security and compliance protocols were improved thanks to AWS cloud capabilities.

AWS Products Used

Amazon RDS
Amazon EMR
Amazon VPC
Amazon SQS
Amazon SES
Amazon SNS
Amazon ogranizations
Amazon Billing
Amazon Route 53
Amazon IAM
Amazon IFS
Amazon Workspaces


Model N was able to reduce the total cost of ownership by over 40% thanks to a new highly automated platform built on new technologies hosted in the AWS cloud. Multiple product release versions were narrowed to a very few versions that ensure the most recent functionality, which in turn demands less time and resource for maintenance and support from the Model N team.

The release cycle was shortened due to the newly established CI/CD pipeline that provides more predictable and reliable deployment of new product releases to the users. As a result of the transformation, Model N was able to not only optimize internal IT operations but also to improve product quality and cut subscription pricing to the customers.


We needed to transition to AWS because our total cost of ownership was extremely high. It didn’t help that our deployment time was too long either because of some work we did manually. Squadex helped us automate the processes that were previously done manually and smoothly transitioned Model N to AWS while keeping us compliant. This saved us money we wasted due to inefficiencies, improved our development process, and, to top it off, we are now able to deliver quality applications to our users at a lower cost.

Yuri Yaport, Director of IT at Model N

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