Excel in Cloud Operations

Integrating operations into the cloud can help companies achieve sustainable growth while remaining competitive. We help companies overcome security and enterprise software integration hurdles to make this move seamless. But may encounter security flaws, integration gaps with enterprise software, etc.


Resilient cloud operations are fundamental for Cloud initiatives such as CI/CD, monitoring and reporting. When they’re done the wrong way it may result in increased costs of public cloud computing, frequent downtimes caused by cloud misconfiguration, and user data leakage as well as unauthorized cloud usage. At the end of the day your cloud investments may not be justified enough if you deal with the cloud improperly.


We are experts in strategic set up of provider agnostic cloud infrastructure. We are here to help you whether you require consulting on public, private and even hybrid cloud, infrastructure automation, security configuration, integration with enterprise and legacy systems, implementation of high availability services and design cloud services. With our clients, we develop a strategy to optimize the release cycle of their products.

Clouds we Orchestrate


  • Metrics system developed to reflect main KPIs we target: Cost of ownership, Number & cost of production incidents, Release cycle length
  • Blueprint with detailed architecture and implementation plan of a solution
  • Implementation of cloud initiatives based on key KPIs improvement plan
  • User manuals for future autonomous maintenance and operation of the system

Full Cycle Services


We’ll assess your current state of infrastructure. This will help determine what efficiencies can be achieved by integrating a solution.


Regardless your engineering level, we’ll offer you easy-to-use architecture solution and tools to ensure a seamless cloud operations.


We’ll develop and integrate a solution tailored to your specific business
& technical requirements.


“How to” training session will guide your engineers through the management process, helping them learn how to operate the solution.


Our in-depth research & development helps you keep the solution on the edge of Public Cloud innovation culture making your cloud operations advanced & efficient.

Typical Project

1. Interview your team to clarify the current state of key technical and vital business metrics such as Release cycle length, Number of support tickets, Number of critical production incidents.

2. We work together defining the optimal metric benchmarks.

3. Facilitate management buy-in and improve communication between operations, developers and business teams.

4. Build cloud solutions augmented by applications and tools.

5. Apply easy to deploy services and prepared templates which help deliver quick results.

6. Guide & coach your team, finetune the process and tools to achieve the optimal metrics.


Scalable & elastic cloud infrastructure

Reduced cost of ownership

Simplified cloud operations

Increased cloud utilization

Instant deployment to multiple locations

Stronger security of IT infrastructure


Schedule Free DevOps Assessment Session

This Free Assessment will help you discover the current state of your

  • Culture & Vision
  • Visibility level
  • Release automation
  • Production reliability
  • Overall maturity score

As a result of assessment you’ll get a report defining areas of improvement and practical recommendations based on your overall DevOps score to achieve industry benchmark.

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