Faster or Reliably?

Seamless deployment is essential to keep up the competition. But this process requires extra effort. Environments which manage 100+ deployments per day heavily use Canary releases technique. You should try and test your product from the very start to see how it fails. By doing this you minimize the negative impact on a broader scope of users and therefore the last mile of your continuous deployment becomes more reliable.


Rolling-out a new feature always comes with the hassle. Infrastructure capacity may not be enough to handle the update. The feature itself might not perform smoothly or the update might not be relevant to the users. It ultimately results in frequent product downtimes and dissatisfied end users.


Canary releases allows organizations to eliminate the risk of product downtime while introducing new software versions. Instead of rolling-out a product update to the entire user base it is first revealed to a smaller subset of users. That way, the new software can be tested and fixed prior to making it available to everybody.

How it Works

Tools we Use


  • Metrics system developed to reflect main KPIs we target: Cost of production incident, Cost of innovation, Speed of innovation
  • Continuous delivery pipeline developed or updated to include Canary stage
  • Continuous monitoring developed or updated to support personalised tight feedback loop for every change in production
  • Infrastructure upgraded to support isolation of different versions of system to work together
  • UI dashboard and control pane for developers and devops team to manage end-to-end process of Canary releases
  • Data model re-architecture to support immutability of schema changes and data updates

Full Cycle Services


We’ll assess your current state of integration & delivery pipeline. This will help determine what efficiencies can be achieved by integrating a solution.


Regardless your engineering level, we’ll offer you easy-to-use architecture solution and tools to ensure a seamless release process.


We’ll develop and integrate a solution tailored to your specific business
& technical requirements.


“How to” training session will guide your engineers through the management process, helping them learn how to operate the solution.


Our in-depth research & development helps you keep the solution on the edge of Canary culture making your deployment process advanced & efficient.

Typical Project

1. Interview your team to clarify the current state of key technical and vital business metrics such as Downtime minutes per month, Release cycle length, Cost of production incident, Post-release tail.

2. We work together defining the optimal metric benchmarks.

3. Facilitate management buy-in and improve communication between operations, developers and business teams

4. Apply easy to deploy services and prepared templates which help deliver quick results .

5. Proceed with Canary releases solution integration and implementation.

6. Guide & coach your team, finetune the process and tools to achieve the optimal metrics.


Zero product downtime

Faster and reliable deployment

Test in production

Tight feedback loop

Safe and smooth rollbacks

Reduced cost of production incident


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This Free Assessment will help you discover the current state of your

  • Culture & Vision
  • Visibility level
  • Release automation
  • Production reliability
  • Overall maturity score

As a result of assessment you’ll get a report defining areas of improvement and practical recommendations based on your overall DevOps score to achieve industry benchmark.

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