During DevOps Foundation Certification course, you will understand DevOps philosophy and principles, we will explain the concepts and their value and show how adopting DevOps impacts the business. You will be given assignments to help you bring the concepts to life and apply them to real-world situations. Upon passing the exam, you will be granted a certificate issued by DevOps Institute.

Target audience

  • System Administrator
  • Site Reliability Engineer
  • DevOps Transformation Consultant

Course Agenda

Day 1

  • What is DevOps? Why now?
  • The Business and IT Perspectives
  • DevOps Principles
    • The Three Ways (Phoenix Project)
  • DevOps Practices
    • Continuous Integration
    • Continuous Delivery and Deployment
    • Rugged DevOps/DevSecOps
    • ChatOps
    • Kanban
  • DevOps and Other Frameworks
    • Agile
    • ITSM
    • Lean

Day 2

  • DevOps Values
    • Culture
    • Automation
    • Lean
    • Measurement
    • Sharing
  • Devops in the Enterprise
    • Roles
    • Organizational Considerations
  • Getting Started
    • Challenges Risks and Critical Success Factors
  • Exam Review

2-day In-class or Online training

This training is also available On-site (in company). Submit your inquiry in the Sign-up form or request a Call-back to schedule your session.

About the trainer

Yevhen Duma

Senior Agile & DevOps Сonsultant at SQUADEX

Yevhen has more than ten years of professional IT experience, developing and delivering consumer and enterprise applications, infrastructure and process improvement projects for various scale businesses. His experience at all software development stages allows for better understanding of business needs and improved processes by utilizing established DevOps tools backed by the best Agile practices.

His area of expertise includes software development lifecycle, version control, CI/CD, Atlassian JIRA, Service Desk, Confluence, Bitbucket, Slack, Flowdock, as well as virtualization, cloud platforms, and their automation.

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