Squadex provides distributed key management GDPR solution for companies that store data on AWS and must comply with the GDPR.

A combination of services and technology that we offer helps prepare data for being stored and processed in a GDPR-compliant manner.

Unlike competitors, we use proprietary technology for managing the relationship between data owners and data processors suited for the users of MongoDB. That minimizes costs associated with identification and migration of PII and enables:


The General Data
Protection Regulation

GDPR Fast Implementation

Fast implementation

GDPR compliance guarantee

Compliance guarantee

GDPR security


GDPR reduced complexity

Reduced complexity

GDPR Cost Savings

Cost savings

How it Works

GDPR how it works
GDPR Compliance Solution
GDPR integrate

Integrate a distributed key management + blockchain fabric into your product via web API or mobile SDK

Helps you track interactions around the GDPR with the data owners and integrates typical functions associated with the GDPR in your product. Enables:

  1. Consent management
  2. Pseudonymization (privacy by design)
  3. Immutable log of the activities
  4. Breach notifications
  5. ‘Forget me’
  6. ‘Right for erasure’
PLL Identification

PII identification via ML models

Defines PII data in a semi-automatic manner.

Reduces time spent associated with deciding which data shall be GDPR compliant.

Data Engineering Services

Data Engineering Services

Helps to migrate PII to EU servers.

Compliant Storage Migration

Compliant storage migration

Enables to migrate your existing data to the GDPR compliant data storage hosted on AWS.
The storage belongs to you the access to the data is partially controlled by the data owners via distributed key management technology.
Limits your data liability to a bare minimum.

GDPR Compliance

GDPR portal

Gives you a Single point of contact for both: your end-users (data owners) and DPOs that stores visual representation of all of the GDPR related requests of the data owners. Allows the DPO to act on this request in an automatic or manual order.

Squadex is AWS certified consulting partner

Squadex is AWS certified consulting partner. We help customers design, architect, migrate, or build new applications on AWS while keeping them GDPR compliant.

Squadex is AWS certified consulting partner

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