Amazon Web Services has hegemonic control over the public cloud computing market and this year the amount of summits have been increased to 35. AWS summits will begin this month and will continue until October of this year. What can you expect at the AWS Summits this year? We have the inside scoop. The information below comes the from the AWS announcement page and we expect it to be discussed at the upcoming conferences.

The Agenda

A year opening summit and the largest one is the one in San Francisco, which will be held on April 4th at the Moscone center West . It will feature all kinds of workshops ranging from AWS fundamentals, such as the “Amazon EC2 Foundations” session and more sophisticated sessions such as “Navigating GDPR Compliance on AWS.” The full agenda for this Summit can be found here. Also, there will be an exciting hackathon titled “Holiday on Mars Developer Challenge.”

All AWS will offer tons of opportunities to learn something new, get some hands-on experience and test the skills you currently have. However, the San Francisco Summit is one of the most action pact ones that will have it all.

Hot Topics

The IoT

If your company specializes in IoT or you are an IoT enthusiast, then be sure to attend the San Francisco Summit. There will be sessions and workshops that go way beyond the everyday uses of IoT and will dive deeply into what AWS can do for your IoT network. At the “IoT Building Blocks: From Edge Devices to Analytics in the Cloud” session, you will learn about AWS IoT services in great detail and you will also find out how to perform sophisticated analytics and obtain useful insights with AWS IoT. This session will cover everything from the fundamentals to identifying common architectural patterns.

Another interesting IoT sessions “Push Intelligence to the IoT Edge with AWS Greengrass.” In this session you will discover how IoT apps are quickly becoming more intelligent thanks to edge computing. Nowadays, IoT devices are capable of predictive analytics and respond to local events without being connected to the cloud. You will love this session if you are interested in finding out about the latest advancements in machine learning using edge computing, why it matters and how you can use it to build intelligent IoT apps.

Deep Dives

There will be many deep dives to choose from at the San Francisco Summit, but, one of the most interesting ones will be the deep dive into “Log Analytics with Amazon Elasticsearch Service.” We all know that AWS ElasticSearch is great for full text search, log analytics, application monitoring and much more. In this session you will find out how to build Kibana dashboards to analyze your data and how to configure a secure AWS ElasticSearch cluster.

On a similar note, there will be a “Deep Dive into AWS Redshift.” You will learn about its architecture and about the latest improvements which will give you faster insights and analysis of your data. A feature of AWS Redshift, Redshift Spectrum will also be discussed and you will learn how to use it to analyze data cross Redshift and AWS S3 data lakes to obtain insights not possible with independent data silos.  

Machine Learning

If you are like most businesses, you are already using machine learning to solve a wide array of business challenges such as price prediction, product recommendation just to name a few. Up until now, it took a lot of time and effort to build a machine learning platform and it required a lot of expertise. Well, at the Working with Machine Learning in Amazon SageMaker: Algorithms, Models, and Inferences session you will find out how to use a fully managed machine learning service, AWS SageMaker, to develop and deploy deep learning models quickly and easily. This session will walk you through all the benefits and features of AWS Sagemaker and discuss the machine learning algorithms that allow you to get your product up and running in no time.

If you are building apps with natural language processing, automatic speech recognition or other machine learning services, be sure to check out the Building Intelligent Apps with AWS Machine Learning Language Services session. Find out how you can easily make any app more intelligent with machine learning service that supports language, speech and chatbox functionalities.

Keynote Speakers

The keynote speakers will be well known names as usual. Of particular interest are the speakers at the San Francisco Summit on April 4. At this conference Dr. Werner Vogels, CTO of and Dr. Matt Wood, GM of the Artificial Intelligence team at AWS will speak about the latest developments in AWS announce some new revelations which have not yet been made public.

Overall, with 50+ learning opportunities, which range from introductions to deep dives and cover a broad range of topics such as AI, machine learning, databases, serverless computing and many other topics, the AWS summits are well worth your time and investments. Be sure to bring you most challenging questions with you to the Summit because there will be tons of AWS certified attendees in the sphere, of DevOps, Big Data and other fields who will be happy to assist you with your projects.