Squadex Sponsors Data Summer Conf 2018 Event in Ukraine

At the keynote event, industry thought leaders and technology evangelists arrived at the conclusion that:

  • There is a wide gap between technology and business problems (i.e. most use cases that data scientists are experimenting with do not provide value to businesses and, in most cases, cannot be applied in real-world scenarios)
  • Data scientists and developers are increasingly prioritizing tools and abstract models over business value (i.e. they do not focus on concrete business goals, but build solutions that require powerful tools, but do not benefit businesses)
  • In the next 15-25 years, artificial intelligence is not going to master abstract thinking (e.g. enterprises invest in chatbots to simplify operations, yet the bots are still heavily reliant on pre-programmed DBs, and are unable to come up with creative answers)

30 July 2018 Palo Alto, CaliforniaSquadex, a Silicon Valley-based Cloud Transformation Consulting company, is excited to announce that we have sponsored Data Summer Conf 2018 event that took place in Odessa, Ukraine on July 21, 2018.

Squadex opted to sponsor Data Summer Conf 2018 in an effort to increase awareness about Big Data and Data Science in Ukraine, considering it as a major talent hub for US-based projects. We offered a networking stage to Ukraine’s developer community to allow them to share experience and insights, discuss technology constraints and bottlenecks, and come up with creative ways to resolve challenging issues of the industry. In supporting the event, we incentivize Ukraine’s talent to improve their skills and align their tech vision with global business needs.

Industry thought leaders, technology evangelists, and experienced keynote speakers came to Odessa to share their knowledge and expertise about Data Management fields with Ukraine’s developer community, and to discuss why businesses lag behind in implementing data solutions in the real world.  

The debate about a rising gap between technology and its ability to resolve concrete business problems in a simple, cost-efficient manner was a focal point of the event. The keynote speakers claimed that while technology and tools continued to develop and become more sophisticated, businesses did not recognize the value that Big Data & Data Science might provide.

Here is the perspective of Dmitry Spodarets, ML & HPC Lead at SQUADEX:

Today we do have a misalignment problem. On the one hand, technologies progress on a daily basis. On the other, businesses do not know how to utilize these technologies, or, putting it frankly, how to apply solutions that engineers deliver. Data scientists and business people do not understand each other. The first keep experimenting with complex tools, while the latter need simple solutions to solve arising issues quickly and easily.

Organized by Provectus Inc., AI and Data Engineering Consultancy, Data Summer Conf 2018 featured such industry heavyweights as Javier Rodriguez Zaurin, Data Scientist at Simply Business; Giuseppe Angelo Porcelli, Solutions Architect at Amazon Web Services; Sri Sri Perangur, Sr. Data Scientist at Spotify; Stepan Pushkarev, CTO at Hydrosphere.io; Dmitry Korobchenko, Deep Learning R&D Engineer at NVIDIA Ltd; Roman Storchak, CTO at DatAI; Jacek Laskowski, Consultant at Spark; Rudradeb Mitra, Product Mentor at Google Developers; Giorgi Jvaridze, Senior Software Engineer at Zalando; Vadim Chelyshov, Software Engineer at Provectus; Oleksandr Saienko, Tech Leader & Senior Software Engineer at SoftServe; and, Akmal Chaudhri, Technical Evangelist.

The audience comprised big-hitters and professionals from across Big Data, Data, Science, and Data Management fields from Ukraine and Eastern Europe. Representatives of such technology companies as Oracle, ELEKS, Ciklum, Cogniance, Readdle, 3DLOOK, Comodo, DataArt, AB Soft, Lohika, Luxoft, SoftServe, EPAM, and DataRobot attended. Non-technology, commercial businesses were represented by EY, Deloitte, Volkswagen, Oschadbank, PrivatBank, Kyivstar, and Prozorro. Lecturers of Ukraine’s top universities (KNU, ONU, ONAFT, and ONPU) took part in the event as well.


  • Big Data and Data Science continue to develop rapidly, with a quickly growing number of tools, technologies, methods, and business applications becoming available.
  • As long as Data Science and related fields become more complex and sophisticated, so do the problems that they try to resolve, which establishes higher requirements for data scientists and engineers.
  • The growing amount, quality and complexity of tools and technologies that are available to data scientists facilitate some aspects of the R&D cycle, but, in most cases, cannot be utilized to provide high-quality business solutions out of the box.
  • While some standard approaches and techniques may provide a decent quality solution to solve common problems, only custom- and domain-specific solutions can give businesses a competitive edge.
  • The demand for highly trained, skilled, and experienced data scientists who are able to develop cutting-edge solutions, capable of providing the unique business value in each given case will continue to grow.
  • Efficient communication between businesses and data scientists becomes crucial, since it facilitates the application of Big Data & Data Science in real-world scenarios.
  • A data scientist should be able to explain in plain words how the obtained model works. Businesses do not and will not invest in black-box solutions, which they do not understand and which do not provide tangible business value.
  • In the future, data scientists will have to approach businesses with the solutions of problems they are unaware of. Presently, data scientists assist businesses in solving problems that are already identified and specified.
  • Complex and intelligent solutions that engineers build do not always help businesses solve their simple problems. Therefore, data scientists should research what users want instead of digging into solutions that look cool to implement.
  • Good data scientists always ask questions. Instead of rushing into the R&D phase, research and discuss the problem with the business. Sometimes ideas to solve business problems come from unexpected areas of science.

About Squadex

Squadex is a technology consulting and engineering company enabling software delivery automation and data-driven decision-making through DevOps & Big Data practices. Squadex assists organizations in improving their IT infrastructure and processes to achieve greater business efficiency and increase ROI. Squadex has been providing high-quality consulting services since 2011.

About Data Summer Conf 2018

Data Summer Conf 2018 is the first international engineering event in Ukraine that is dedicated to Big Data & Data Science. With 14 speakers from Amazon Web Services, NVIDIA, Hydrosphere.io, Spotify, Google Developers, and SoftServe, 12 keynotes were delivered, and 400+ attendees participated. The event took two tracks — Big Data & IoT and Data Science — and featured three workshops and a panel discussion. The event ended with the afterparty at Odessa’s seaside.