Palo Alto, CA, Oct. 3, 2018Squadex, a Cloud Transformation Consultancy, has participated in the AWS GameDay event and managed to land the third spot in fierce competition with 17 teams from all over the world.

The inaugural AWS GameDay took place on October 3, 2018, from 12pm-4pm PDT, at the APN Digital Summit. A learning exercise for tech teams, it aims to help APN Partners familiarize with the AWS environment by challenging their AWS professionals to resolve specific issues using AWS resources. The participation in the AWS GameDay event is offered to APN Partners as an AWS Service Delivery Partner benefit.

As a certified AWS consulting company and a participant of the AWS Partner Network, Squadex was invited to compete with AWS professionals from North America, Europe, and Asia.

Originally, 30 teams were expected to get involved. Yet, only 18 managed to join in.

Squadex accepted the challenge right off the bat — building and maintaining highly available and highly scalable solutions on AWS is our specialty.

The Squadex team (“Squadex”) was represented by eight professionals proficient in DevOps, Machine Learning, and Big Data.

In total, there were four tasks to solve. They encompassed and were attributed to specific areas of utilization of AWS tools.

The list of AWs tools

As a starting point, the teams had to create a flexible solution for website deployments.

The second task concerned ML algorithms. Specifically, the teams were asked to develop a simple image recognition solution based on a few photos at hand.

The third task checked Big Data abilities of the teams, while the final task delved into automatic deployments.

To resolve the tasks, “Squadex” harnessed the power of a wide variety of AWS tools. Amazon S3, Amazon EC2, AWS Code Pipeline & Code Build, AWS Data Warehouse, Amazon Rekognition, and Amazon ECS — just to name a few.

All teams were extremely competitive. However, “Squadex” managed to push the result up against its peers and come in a close third, just several points behind the onicorn team.

Results of AWS GameDay

We are happy to have participated in this amazing “gamified” event. We tried AWS best practices, deepened our knowledge of AWS services, and explored AWS architecture patterns in a risk-free environment.

Many thanks to AWS for reaching out to Squadex. The prizes — stylized unicorns — are really awesome.

It was an incredible opportunity for us, and all the team is looking forward to the next GameDay.

Also, our congrats to the edt-unicorns team who manage to outgun the competition and secure the top spot on the team table.

Stay tuned! More amazing events are coming.