Kiev, Ukraine, May 07, 2018Squadex, a cloud transformation consulting company, is proud to announce that we have sponsored a fabled international DevOps event in Kiev — DEVOPSDAYS KIEV.

The event took place on May 2, 2018, and brought together eight speakers from world-known IT companies, including Red Hat and Puppet Labs, and over 250 attendees from Ukraine and other countries in the CIS region.

The keynotes were delivered by Chris Van Tuin, Serhat Can, Andrew Clay Shafer, Anton Babebko, Gerie Owen, H ‘Waldo’ Grunenwald, Jelmer Shoeck, and Peter Varhol.

Devopsdays Kiev speakers 2018

The keynotes touched upon such topics as continuous security, secret sharing, DevOps culture, and more. Of course, such tools as Kubernetes, Docker, and Terraform were regularly mentioned and discussed during the keynotes’ Q&A and the networking sessions.

DevOps Days Kiev was the first tech event in Ukraine that introduced the unconference format — ignites, and we are honored that Squadex professionals — Stanislav Ivashenko and Aleksandr Matkovskiy — have successfully delivered two pitches from the start.

Overall, the event consisted of three major sections: Talks, Ignites, and Open Space meetups. For sure there was no lack of breaks to encourage the attendees to approach the speakers and network.

Agenda of Devopsdays Kiev 2018

The Squadex team sponsored and participated in DevOpsDays Kiev aiming to nurture knowledge of DevOps in the CIS countries.

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As an AWS-certified Consulting Partner, we also strived to increase awareness about the benefits of AWS products for cloud engineers, software developers, and DevOps professionals. We did our best to network and share real-world cases of AWS utilization in resolving DevOps issues.

The event produced a desirable outcome. We met DevOps evangelists from all over the world, delivered two unconference pitches, and managed to draw attention to the young but vibrant AWS community in Ukraine.

We are looking forward to participating in DevOpsDays Kiev in 2019.

About Squadex
Squadex is a technology consulting and engineering company enabling software delivery automation and data-driven decision-making through DevOps, Big Data, and Machine Learning practices. Squadex assists organizations in improving their IT infrastructure and processes to achieve greater business efficiency and increase ROI.

About DevOpsDays
DevOpsDays is a series of technical conferences, which has been held all over the world since 2009. The events usually cover such topics as software development, IT infrastructure operations, automation, testing, security, and more. DevOpsDays events are organized by local communities of IT-minded professionals.