Our IT consulting services make your product a success. These include: auditing a software delivery process, workshop on your goals & challenges, consulting on software architecture & tools, delivery, and training sessions


IT Audit

Companies want to know how well they are doing. Some want to compare themselves to the competition, while others are looking for opportunities to improve their internal processes of software delivery.

For the last five years we have held a dozen of audits that helped our clients become better, improving the way they work and overcome the competition.

Types of audit

For these companies, we propose a custom and well-structured audit.

How it Works

Goal-setting interview with the management team and key stakeholders

Data-collection workshop where we assess and identify areas of inefficiency and to carve out opportunities for improvement

Workshop with the management and stakeholders where we provide you with the results of the observation, give you a list of things to do to achieve quick wins and also indicate areas of improvement

Consulting & Workshops

We deliver technical workshops for busy technical leaders and their teams that face challenges with staying at the forefront of new technology and approaches to software delivery.

Workshops are aimed at helping you get answers to very specific questions, e.g.:

  • Understand what containers might mean for your business
  • Assess the cost and time frame of transition from bare-metal servers to public cloud
  • Examine scalability and applicability of your software architecture for Big Data

The workshops are hands-on and allow getting into the realities of company-specific challenges. Not just talking but actually getting things like crafting software architecture, improving how AWS infrastructure is set up etc.

Consulting & Workshops


Whether you need to improve the way you work, enhance software architecture of your product or create something custom – we have accomplished a number of successful assignments in software engineering making us top of the line.

We employ skilled software architects and engineering talents that can solve these particular pain points and then move on.

Tools Consulting& Coaching

Tools Consulting & Coaching

Enterprises (34% of total) use only a fraction of the automation opportunities ingrained in software tools they employ. Most of the time is spent on inefficient and manual work.

This hurts productivity and demoralizes employees. The problem gets even worse if you pick the wrong software toolset and it dictates your process and sets the limits for your productivity.

We can help

  • assess whether your are using the right tools to achieve what you want
  • set things up properly
  • educate your employees and management how to do it

We are the experts in

Education & Training

Whether it’s your delivery team, your middle management or key decision makes we can provide well-structured education to raise awareness level about what’s on the spotlight in software industry.

Topics we can cover are

  • Agile Software Development & Lean Software Engineering
  • XP practices
  • Effective Software Engineering
  • Data Architecture
  • Full-Stack Development
  • Scaled Agile Framework
  • Scaled Agile Framework Architecture
IT Consulting Services

We can do it in a number of ways that fit your needs best

Technical coaching

Focused workshops and educational classes

Weekend education

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