Why Machine Learning Matters?

Machine learning consulting empowers your data analysis with analytical algorithms. Learning from data enables artificial intelligence to make data-driven predictions without human intervention

Machine Learning helps solve complex data challenges

Enhance translation, speech recognition, relationship extraction, sentiment analysis,  and topic segmentation


Process the unlimited amount of images to detect specific objects and classify images by topic groups or by features


Secure your enterprise through ML fraud detection capability; prevent and manage fraud efficiently


Know your customers and their next move, create personalized experiences to drive loyalty and greater profits


Benefits of Machine Learning

More Accurate Predictions & Insights

Get an edge over your competition by utilizing the power of more accurate predictions and business insights you get from data

Faster Time-to-Market for Next-Gen Products

Secure your niche by building and releasing cutting-edge applications and products faster

Better Understanding of Customer Behavior

Gain insights into customer behavior to customize your products, improve user experience, and increase customer satisfaction

Improved Efficiency & Cost Reduction

Reduce operational costs by improving the performance of your team; improve your product’s performance using ML

Squadex is AWS certified consulting partner

Squadex is an AWS Consulting Partner with proven expertise in building machine learning solutions powered by AWS. Our goal is to help businesses overcome their data challenges and achieve their goals by enabling the machine learning capabilities.

Squadex is AWS certified consulting partner

Machine Learning on AWS

Amazon Rekognition
Amazon SageMaker
Amazon Transcribe
AWS DeepLens
Amazon Comprehend

Machine Learning Development Cycle

Audit & Strategy

Assess your technical challenges and objectives to determine if the ML solution should be applied. Outline a technical roadmap for achieving the desired state

Research & Development

Research your problem and explore data sets from different sources to design the ML model blueprint and build a Proof of Concept to validate the solution

Cloud Services

Assess cloud architecture and choose the right combination of AWS products and tools to seamlessly integrate them into both infrastructure and the ML solution

Deploy & Scale

Utilize datasets from different sources to test the ML model. Fine-tune the ML algorithms based on results. Roll out the ML model in production at full scale

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