Through our software engineering practice we’ve helped build up solutions to overcome competition, and dramatically improve the lives of end users

Microservice Architecture

Migration to new Technologies


Distributed Algorithms for Computation

We cater to ambitious entrepreneurs as well as enterprise businesses developing new concepts through a validation process

Build Faster

Build Something Never Built Before

We keep track of all the major technology breakthroughs and constantly try out new things in our R&D lab. Thus we are aware of the limitations of new technologies and feel comfortable working on product concepts never imagined before including IoT, Blockchain and Self-Learning Algorithms.

Create Flexible Technology

We help re-engineer your product by removing restraints of technologies your company picked early in the product life cycle. We help improve software architecture to make each part self-sustained and individually valuable, and ensure opportunities for dramatic improvement in quality, time to market, and scalability.

Improve Quality

Improve Computational Performance

When there is a need to process more data, it’s about both the algorithms and the architecture. We help pick the right technologies to maximize your computational resources. We assist you in transitioning to the new technologies that improve performance of your software.

AWS Consulting Partner

Squadex is AWS certified consulting partner

How we do it

  • Build MVP. Proof-of-concept enables you to validate the business or technology idea in a 90-day development cycle.
  • Scale up to real business and help you iterate quickly. Augment your team with engineers, tools and skills you might be missing to conquer the market.

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